Chimp´s working model is based on a core team to coordinate with several partners' different responsibilities of a project. In this context, Chimp engages its activity in the following areas:





This was the original area of activity, which Chimp continues to work on by participating in the planning of water resources projects and various related studies.

Information Systems

One of the most valuable deliverables for our customers - the specification of information systems. We enjoy facing functional challenges and translate them into a language understandable by everyone. Additionally, Chimp has been challenged to assist the development process of existing information systems, acting at the level of usability, of technology benchmarking or simply by providing support to strategic planning.


2.Development of Information Systems

Following the specification of information systems, we often take the following step, assuming development responsibilities by applying up to date standards and, whenever possible, attempting to go one step further. Chimp has network of partners with whom it maintains a symbiotic relationship and that share with Chimp the belief that simplicity is the way to overcome difficulty.



3.Development of Products

The specification of platforms of reduced parameterization represents our approach to product development. In the beginning of Chimp there was Chimpcomm, a widget to optimize internal communication. This experience taught us that a product development takes time and patience to stabilize, and we feel fortunate to come all the way on two platforms: Workspace for Project Management and Busy bee for contract management